The Wedding Tiara

“Why do brides love tiara? Tiara is the symbol of hopes, miracles, luxury, wealth, and intelligence. No wonder every bride wants to wear them on their wedding day. We’re talking about the moment that makes her the queen of the day!”

The Story Behind

The story of tiara began in ancient Egypt and Greek times. In the beginning, tiara represented power and sovereignty, used to be worn only by religious leaders and kings. Over time, tiara has become more and more popular. It was worn used by rulers from Roman era, Napoleon era, and the restoration of monarchy era in France.’ Wedding tiara was adapted from the old tradition. back then, traditional bridal gowns did not need a tiara. Tiara was first used as an accessory to complement a bridal gown by jewelers in England in the 19th century. At that time, it was a symbol of one’s wealth.


  • Pay attention to the proposition of the tiara. Match it with your head shape and hairstyle.
  • Tiara can be used with or without veil.
  • Consider whether the weight of the tiara would make you uncomfortable during the ceremony. It’s better if you practice wearing it before D-Day.
  • The right tiara shape will frame your face perfectly. Consult it with your tiara designer.


As design element that complements a wedding gown, tiara gives an elegant and feminine look. It can be used for any kind and theme of wedding. If you decide to wear a tiara on your wedding day, then there will be a few things ti be considered. Start by matching it with your bridal gown. Next, snynchronize it with your hairstyle, veil, and other head ornaments.

The combination of a modern gown with a tiara will give a sophisticated look. Think thoroughly about the ornaments you want to place on the tiara. Pearls, crystal, or other precious stones will make your whole appearance more dramatic. The decorative effect of a tiara will make you look elegant. Therefore, ask your jewelry designer to create a unique, proportional, and one-in-a-million tiara.

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