The Fittings

The chosen gown must fit perfectly to your body, not looking too small, too big, or wrinkled. Careless sewing and work must be avoided. That is why you can’t ignore the fitting process. Even inherited or inexpensive gowns will look elegant if they fit perfectly. Below are some tips for you!

Perfect Fit

  • Decide what accessories you want to combine with the gown.
  • Buy underwear that you are going to wear underneath. The gown will not look its best if you wear different underwear at the time of the fitting and on D-Day. Choose comfortable and light underwear. Consult with your designer.
  • Buy shoes that match your gown. Shoes should match the length of the gown.
  • Stay in shape until D-Day.

First Fitting

  • The first fitting usually takes place about 6 weeks before the wedding day. Bring along your friend or a family member to get their opinions.

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