The Fabrics

A wedding gown should look elegant, glamorous and classy, lightly flowing in motion yet has a stable and strong structure. It should give a glory and honor to the bride. The combination of the right sewing techniques and the right fabrics will create an exceptional wedding gown. The fabrics used crucial in creating a beautiful silhouette and they also influence the cutting of the gown. Therefore, bridal gown designers only use the most luxurious and exclusive fabrics.

A Matter of Choice

Satin creates a beautiful and elegant look on a formal wedding gown. This fabric can be used as gown construction, with or without volume. It fits for A-line-silhouette gowns, ball gowns, pleated gowns, mermaid-cut gowns, and bustier. In addition, satin can also become the underlining fabric of a lace gown.

If you want to wear a ball gown like a ballerina does, then tulle will be a wise choice. This fabric represents something beautiful, feminine, and romantic. Six to eight layers of tulle under your gown will make you look perfect. But be careful, this fabric is very vulnerable, especially when it’s accidentally stuck to something.

Linen creates a sophisticated and light look on a wedding gown, especially when combined with embroideries, motifs, colors, and other attractive accessories. To make it more lively, make a pleated gown from the fabric. It is suitable for afternoon or outdoor casual wedding parties.

To create a light look, there’s nothing more perfect than chiffon. Its use on the sleeves, the upper part of the corset, and on bias cut of the gown will create a magical effect on your appearance. This fabric fits your body perfectly in a way that will make you look sensual and elegant.

Every wedding gown made of brocade always looks glamorous, so brocade is suitable for formal wedding gowns offered on many attractive colors and motifs, this fabrics can be combined with silk organza as the underlining.

Shantung is a popular fabric for traditional wedding gowns. This fabric would be really beautiful if combined with lace and other ornaments details. The interesting texture would look pretty when combined with organza as the underlining.

Georgette is a variant of chiffon. The transparent and floating fabric gives a sensual look.

Unquestionably, lace is the most romantic choice for wedding gowns. This character has made it so popular among designers and brides. This fabric has always been the first choice for wedding gowns. Go for high quality lace to have elegant gowns. For evening parties, combine them with pearls, beads and sequins to get the desirable effect. And let the lace appear as it is for daytime parties.

Soft and light are the characteristics of taffeta. This fabric is the right choice for creating volume in gowns, without giving them a heavy look. Silk taffeta gives an elegant and glamorous look.

For an elegant, floating and graceful effect, crepe is the perfect choice. If you are looking for drapery, this fabric will feature it perfectly. Silk crepe is very elegant and classic for the evening. But be extra careful, because if it is not sewn correctly, the gown will look puffy.

Organza is the favorite fabric for creating light weight, floating and modern gowns. Silk organza can create strong yet soft structures. If you layer it with different colors, this fabric will give a dramatic silhouette. To give a young and fresh look, put some beads on it. This fabric is also a favorite for making trains.

Before stretch fabric was found, jersey adalah salah satu alternatives to make a body fitted gown. This fabric will look elegant for evening parties..

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